Here are a few kind words from small tri enthusiasts who’ve already read Small Trimarans: An Introduction

Greetings Joe,
Well done. Lots of good information in this book, and I found the book unique in subject matter and information style.  The subject of small trimarans comes up often but it seems this style of boats hasn't ever quite come into its own.  This book goes a long way in possibly adding some momentum toward that goal.  I especially like the variety of people interviewed, with thoughts and stories from these people that I had not seen in print before.”

-- Lew Enns, Owner and builder of BlueMoon (Homebuilders rounded hull Tremolino – Dick Newick designer)

At easy to read book that sets out the small trimaran landscape in terms of boats, players, pitfalls and benefits.  It has energized me into taking action and doing something to get on the water in one in 2009.  Look Out London - I'm gonna give some of you smug monohull sailers a shock!”
-- Mark Harrison, UK

"With this book, Joe has put together some fascinating reading about many of the small trimarans now out there and also provided a unique insight into their designers through his very personal interview approach.   Well done Joe!"
-- Mike Waters NA, smalltrimarandesign

Joe has done small trimaran fans a huge favor by organizing in one place all of the best small trimarans available on our blue planet.  Moreover, he interviewed designers and builders of yesterday and todays most successful trimarans making it easier for the home builder to get the job done and get out on the water.  Thanks Joe!”
-- David B.

Many thanks for your book preview.  Although 'one never stops learning', with the input from your book one can learn a  lot quicker and a damm sight better!”
-- Cheers, Llew Griffin, Wales, UK

"Small Trimarans" is a great little book about the joys of small trimarans.  The people featured in the book are the most knowledgeable on the subject and an invaluable resource if you are thinking of buying or building a small trimaran.  Their experiences are interesting and getting to know them through this book will help you as you make decisions about these wonderful sailboats.”
-- Joe Mengel

"As a current owner of a Windrider 17, and ex-owner of a Windrider 16, I found the Windrider section most enjoyable.  The descriptions and implied uses of the boats were quite accurate and the historical aspect of the company was insightful.  Great job!"
-- Best Regards, Ray Henry

"Hi Joe, I started reading your book, very fine indeed …”
-- Regards, Eric M.

"I've now read it twice and thoroughly enjoyed it. I've had email conversations with a number of the designers featured and itwas great to hear them speaking more generally about their work.  I particularly enjoyed Russ Browns article on the Trinado.  I wanted to build a donor boat for a while, but could find little info on it at the time - so this filled in a lot of gaps, although of course, she isn't really a donor boat now."
-- Greg Walter, New Zealand


How to Find the Ultimate
Daysailer or Camp Cruiser

"An Authoritative Guide for
Those Thinking About Building
or Buying a Small Trimaran"

      Imagine being able to sit down and chat with multihull experts about many of the most popular and frequently sought after production and home-built small trimarans in the world today.  Well … now you can!

      Get Your Questions Answered in  Small Trimarans: An Introduction

  • Some quick info on these small tri "experts" ... and why they're qualified to help you know about these boats
  • What is the specific purpose behind each of the featured small trimaran designs?  A background of each trimaran's creation and design.
  • The "story" behind each boat.  A look behind the scenes of many of these fast, incredibly fun sailboats.
  • What makes each small tri unique as compared to others in the marketplace.  An overview of the prominent features of every boat.
  • The biggest benefits associated with each particular boat.  How are they similar?  Different?

  • How fast can these sailboats go?  How easy or challenging are they to sail?
  • The biggest challenges or mis-perceptions some new buyers or owners may have.  (You may be surprised).
  • How long from trailer to set up?  Although each small tri is trailerable, not every one is a perfect boat for daysailing at a brand new venue.  Some are more suited for mooring.
  • New pictures and information (stuff not found on the websites advertising these sailboats).
  • How hard (or easy) it is to sail these trimarans?  Including insights about masts, booms, and sails.  Which ones are good for new sailors, experienced only, and both?

  • What sailors match particular boats?  Discover which ones may be a match for you.
  • Should you buy or build your own small trimaran?  What one would be best for you?  Tips for helping you make the right decision.
  • What are the biggest challenges or obstacles to building (and some great tips) if you're thinking about doing it?
  • How are other sailors experiencing adventures on their small trimarans?  Fast sailing.  Camp cruising.  Quiet anchorages in private coves.
  • Plus, unique insights and stories from these recognized authorities ... and new pictures of the featured high-performing sailboats that haven’t been published … until now!

An 'Inside Look" Many of the Famous
Small Tris You’ve Seen on the Web:

1)  The Magnum 18, 21 & 21S Trimarans ...
An Interview with Steve Walker - Exclusive distributor for VirusBoats’ Magnum trimarans in the UK
2)  The Windrider 16, 17 & Rave (Hydrofoil) Trimarans ...
An Interview with Don Maxwell - Partner of WinderTM, maker of Windrider trimarans, which are sold throughout the world
3)  The Weta Beach Trimaran …
An Interview with Dave Berntsen - Owner of WetaWest, the U.S. West Coast distributor for a new popular beach tri
4) The Wa'apa & Tamanu Small Trimaran Sailing Canoes ...
An Email Interview with Gary Dierking - Designer of classic proas & trimaran sailing canoes
5)  The Fast 17, A18T, A21, Cardiff 21 & Z65 Small Trimarans ...
An Interview with Chris Ostlind – Designer of many newer models of small trimarans for homebuilders

6)  The Seaclipper 10 & 16 Trimarans …
An Interview with Ted Dexter - Owner of Australia’s Duck Flat Wooden Boats, which sells building plans for the famous Marples’ SeaClipper tris
7)  The Scarab Small Trimaran Models ...
A Short Email Interview with Ray Kendrick – Australian designer of the well-known Scarab trimarans
8)  The Discovery 20 Small Trimaran ...
An Interview with Chris White - Best-selling author, yacht designer and creator of a unique sailboat called the Discovery 20
9)  The Warren 23' & 27' Small Trimarans ...
An Interview with Ted Warren - Designer of 2 highly responsive multihull daysailers for homebuilders
10) The L7, Multi 23 & Beach Tri 22 Small Trimarans ...
An Interview with Mike Leneman – Boat Builder, multihull designer, boat supply distributor and expert of trailerable multihulls

11) The KH 16', Spitfire 20'  & KH 23' Small Trimarans ...
An Interview with Kurt Hughes – Multihull designer and developer of fast stitch & glue construction techniques
12) The Trinado Trimaran ...
An Interview with Russell Brown – Boat designer, parts manufacturer and co-owner of a unique trimaran currently sailing in Washington state
13) The Tremolino Trimaran ...  
An Interview with Dick Newick – Legendary designer of a newly updated classic small trimaran
14) * Bonus Chapter  ... The K24T Small Cabin Cruiser Trimaran …
An Interview with Bill Kristofferson – Naval architect and multihull designer, whose models have been built all over the world, especially throughout regions of the Pacific Ocean.
15) Plus … An Interview about Wooden Boatbuilding with Chuck Leinweber --
publisher of Duckworks Magazine and owner of Duckworks Boat Building Supply, who talks at length about the building process, and offers tips especially geared for the individual that hasn’t built a wooden boat yet.
16) * Brand New Bonus Chapter ... The Threefold 6 Trimaran ...
An Interview with Dudley Dix -- Famous watercraft designer (especially to amateur boatbuilders) speaks at length about the 3-folding model originally created for a Crusing World magazine design competition in the early 1980s.

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