MORE Information Sailors and Prospective
Boat Builders Want to Know About Today's
Production & Homebuilt Small Trimarans

          Another opportunity for you to sit down with the experts and get your questions answered about the fascinating small trimarans out there!  This book picks up where Small Trimarans: An Introduction leaves off.

        This book covers many newer (and some older models) not featured in the first book.  In these exclusive interviews, some of the leading small trimaran designers in the world today (along with a couple representative agents) also share ...

  •      Unique and fascinating personal experiences

  •      Individual design philosophies (see where they agree, and sometime disagree)

  •      Useful construction tips (if you're seriously considering building your own)

  •      Vintage small tri history (from those who've seen the develpment of modern multihulls in the 20th century)

  •      Little sailing gems and pieces of information not gathered in any other "small tri" resource

         A "behind-the-scenes" look at ...

  1. The Tri-Star 18 … with contribution from Ed Horstman … This wooden 18 foot, open-daysailer is constructed with a cold-molded building technique and can carry up to 4 adults

  2. The Strike 18 … with Richard Woods … This wooden 18-footer is constructed with plywood and epoxy and can carry up to 6 individuals on open cockpit daysails

  3. The Nicky Cruz Explorer … with Graeme Delaveau … This new design will be constructed with ply & epoxy, and offer a roomy cabin (for camp-cruising) and simplified folding system for its amas

  4. The W17 & W22 … with Michael Waters … A new 17 foot beach tri (open-daysailer) and coming 22-foot cabin cruiser with some features that incorporate favorites from the personal experience of this former naval architect

  5. The Tridarka Raider … with Steve Isaac & Matt Layden … Tough, open daysailer that can still handle heavier seas, while offering consistent sailing even in light airs.  This boat was designed for mixing camping with cruising, especially in events such as the Everglades Challenge

  6. The Bandit 800 … with Ronan Quin-Huard … High-tech production boat from France that can carry 6 people with high performance on heavier seas, while offering a higher degree of comfort than typically found on small tris

  7. The Astus Tris … with Pascal Guignabaudet … Super popular, easy-to-use and sail production models from France.  They're well-known all throughout Europe because they mix low maintenance with high performance daysailing and camp-cruising for multiple sailors

  8. The Tritium 720 … with Paolo Bisol … A truly modern, high performing design, constructed with PVC foam core/GRP skin, yet created to be “simplified” enough in the process for homebuilders to construct themselves

  9. The Predator(s) … with Paul Dawson … A sleek production boat that offers a main hull (vaka) that incorporates the hulls, crossbeams and rigging from available beach cats in order to create a fun, trailerable and highly functional trimaran

  10. The Sardine Run … with Eric Henseval … A wooden plywood design (created with stitch and glue method) this modern design offers quick construction so 1 or 2 sailors can enjoy compact cabin cruising without having to wait years for sailboat that offers some minimal accommodations

  11. The model now called “Moving Finger” … with Tony Grainger … This interview offers a quick peek at an older design from one of the cutting-edge small tri designers in the world (with tips on material usage and his personal design approach)

  12. The Adventure Tri … with Mark Zollitsch … a super-fast open daysailer that can also be paddled.  It’s light, cartoppable and a great design for mixing camping with coastal fun on the water

  13. The Kolibri 23 … with Francois Maillette … A super-high performance oriented small racer/cruiser designed for construction with modern materials.

  14. The Little Wing Kayak Tri … with Ted & Zac Warren … Sensational, fast sailing on a lightweight, cartoppable production boat that offers a sensation of speed not available from most other sailboats.  Plus, it can be easily converted back and forth between kayak and sailboat

  15. The Challenger … with Rob White … High-performance sailing from this lightweight production boat from the U.K.’s White Formula boat building company.  It’s specifically designed with physically challenged sailors in mind, and each boat can be adapted and outfitted for sailors’ individual needs

  16. The CC Cyclone 23 … with John Marples … Fast, lightweight, wooden built, open cockpit daysailer, made using the Constant Camber building technique.  John additionally offers many building tips while explaining what Constant Camber is all about, and provides some information about helpful resources to prospective wooden boat builders

  17. The Searunner 25 & Seaclipper 20 … with Jim Brown … This lengthy interview with the famous sailboat designer takes a look back at the history of his participation in the modern multihull movement, his vintage Searunner 25 (a true blue water, ocean-crossing vessel) and his new Seaclipper 20, a quick, simple wooden trimaran that is meant for seriously rough camp-cruising adventures (such as those offered on the West Coast’s Big Sur area).

          The "Who, What, When, Where and Why" About These Small Tris ...

  •      The story behind each boat (why did the design came into being)

  •      Why each sailboat is unique (how does it differ from other sailboats "out there")

  •      Biggest benefits of each design (what one particular model offers that another doesn't)

  •      Their performance and speed (how do they handle, what is their potential speed ... in what conditions)

  •      More pictures and/or renderings of these small trimarans (jam-packed with photographs & renderings)

  •      Unique insights and opinions from each designer (some insightful tips and suggested resources)

  •      What model may be best for you to buy or build (why choose one design over another for your particular goals)

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